Unspoken Cries

Published October 31, 2013 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Torn jeans and scraped knees
Bruised arms and red cheeks.
Eyes are swollen. Yes, he’s been crying
Chained, broken, he longs for flying.
Takes one step
Then two
But falls at the third
Wants to shout and scream,
But his cries are left unheard.

Where is he? Who is he?
He is highly confused,
He wants to go home, he is all alone
And does not know what to do.
Closes his eyes and lets the numbness take control
Can feel no more pain
Or blisters on his feet and soles.

No, he’s not a beggar,
Or a delinquent for that matter.
He is a scarred soul,
Suffering since forever.
If love is red, then he is colour blind.
Fear and Hopelessness, etched in the back of his mind.

He wears full sleeved shirts
There is something there he is trying to hide,
Check his thighs
To reveal the unspoken cries.
He laughs for his dear ones
With a twinkle in his eye,
But little do they know
It’s just a cover up, a lie.

His mind is a ragging war
But he’ll never bother you with his questions,
Because in his heart he knows
You’ll never have the answers.

So instead, he’ll be silently ashamed
And continue to deceive with his smiles and eyes,
And you’ll never know who is he
Who bares the story of unspoken cries.


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