Wingless Savior.

Published November 3, 2013 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Somewhere, sometime
Long ago,
Lived a little girl
Her only friend, her alter ego.

She was strong
She was weak,
She was bold
She was meek.

To the world she was
A prodigy, the perfect daughter,
When in reality
She wasn’t a princess. She was a pauper.

In school she was the beauty queen
The epitome of a golden girl,
The example of perfection
As precious as a pearl.

At home she was the forlorn maid
Breathing the air of loneliness,
No longer was she the golden girl
But a damsel in distress.

Her life, her dreams
Seemed so far, yet so near,
Caught in a chase of delusions
She longed for her Wingless Saviour.


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