Published November 19, 2013 by Shreya Rajvanshi

They ask me
Why do I write
When I can speak?
If I can hear,
Why do I read?

They tell me
‘Actions speak louder than words’
The more you’ll talk
The more you’ll feel
And the less it’ll hurt.

They say
Words are just words
Till you act upon them
They wouldn’t carry any sense
If they are misread.

But I tell them,
When your throat is choked
With heavy emotions
How will you express your pain?
Let them know you love
To dance in the pouring rain?

I say,
What about those who can’t speak?
How will the words
Come out of their mouths
If they can’t read?

Because sometimes
Actions aren’t enough
Words contain depth
In which you’ll drown and
Will long
To come up to the surface…

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