Published June 7, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

He was a young man
With a crooked smile
And brown eyes,
A pale face
Full of lies.

He wanted to speak
And wanted to laugh
But could only whisper,
Wanted to cry
But could only whimper.

Stood in front of a
Mirror so large
And stared at his reflection,
Searched for love;
A sign of recognition.

He looked for the carefree boy
Always happy,
Calm and coy,
The one full of life,
Zeal and joy.

Thinking of the sweet memories
Now replaced by melancholy
A sad story,
Stood a smiling mother
In all her glory.

He could still hear
The faint laughter of
Of his little sister,
Who was once his friend,
His savior

His proud father
Vigorously and endlessly
Working in the field,
He was his inspiration ,
His idol and shield.

Pictures, still crystal clear
In his mind
Have left a permanent stain,
The void cannot be filled
As he recoils in pain.

Everything was good
And everyone was exultant
They were a perfect family,
All his friend were always together
And hummed merrily.

But then, suddenly hit the lightening
And came in
A roaring storm,
Happened the inevitable
Began, a war.

Guns, fire shots and bloodshed
Stained the walls
And painted the ground,
Cries for help
Echoed all around!

His blissful heaven
Drowned in the floods
Of misery and abomination,
Left him lost and all alone
In this wake of destruction.


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