You’ll never know.

Published June 13, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

You don’t know how hard it is
To get up everyday
And pretend like nothing has changed,
Nothing is different,
That I’m still going on strong.
Like your clothes are still here
Everything is right
And nothing can ever go wrong.

Do you know how bad it feels
When I see couples holding hands
Whispering in each other’s ears
Moulding in each other’s arms
And that I envy how they touch
That it burns my eyes to see
They love each other too much?

Maybe it really is over
And yes, I do care.
Maybe this is how it had to be
Now that you aren’t here.
But just one thing
It’s you who has lost someone
Who loved you, cared for you.
And for me you’ll be nothing, but
A wish, which broke into two.


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