I’m a Woman.

Published July 13, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

It’s scary
How they look at me
With those sharp eyes
And have a “predator like smile”.

It’s scary
How they stare at my chest
Like it’s not mine
But theirs.

It’s scary
How they touch me so inappropriately
At places

It’s scary
How they grope me, rope me
And treat me like someone
Without dignity.

It’s scary
How they refuse to acknowledge
The fact, that just like them
Even I’m a human.

It’s scary
How they forget that even
I have feeling, emotions
And self respect.

And it’s shameful
To know that they ignore the truth
That even I’m someone with a soul
A mind, a heart, a body,
I’m a woman.


11 comments on “I’m a Woman.

      • Yes. Yes. God, yes. I was so happy to read that.

        You are exactly right, too. I’m old… well, old enough. I remember when women weren’t treated with such utter disregard as now. I know there was a lot wrong then; being a woman has always been tough. But the utter, brain-dead misogyny aimed at women by the mouth breather, junior flips of my gender is an embarrassment. And this will stop happening only when women refuse to put up with it any longer. And that will happen right after you all refuse to pay way too much for way too little in the fashion dept, too. 🙂

      • I’m pretty young, but old enough to realise the difference between “admiring” someone and “leering at” someone, it’s so shameful.
        Women have always been treated as the weaker counterpart, always been looked down at and it’s infuriating! Not completely blaming the other gender, I must also say that yes, we need to be careful too, but it still doesn’t give anyone the key to the door of indecency. Chivalry was prominent before, still hasn’t entirely died, but whatever is left of it is too little. What they don’t understand is that, the circle always doesn’t run the way they want it to, a bird can only fly if, and when, it has both its wings attached!

      • The hardest thing is to see people doing things you know are wrong. It can make you cringe and be confused and pull away. But stand and look. Anger can be good sometimes, but men need strong women to be strong men themselves. We are all getting weaker. You can’t let us push you around, but you also can’t be something you are not. We are different. Complimentary, but different. You’re unique. But you have to be strong, and that means you don’t look away.And you can’t let this sort of treatment make you feel weaker, to doubt yourselves, or it will never end.

      • It totally makes me mad to stand and watch the show like a mute spectator. And the worst thing, hardly anyone is willing enough to take a stand. It hurts, angers and upsets me.

  • Light gathers light. “’tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” as the saying goes. There are many who feel as you do, though. It just seems that you’re alone, but you aren’t.

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