Colors are colors, not a line of differentiation.

Published July 18, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Today evening, my brother and I were selecting colors for the walls of his room, and it was something he casually said which made me write this.
He believes that colors are gender based. Red is for girls, black is for boys. Yellow symbolises feminism, brown represents masculinity. Pink is girlish, blue is boyish. Purple is for women, green is for men.

My question stands, “Why?”
“Why to distinguish between colors?” “Why to create yet another barrier between males and females?”
I think that black, brown, blue and green compliment ladies as much as red, yellow, pink and purple would suit gents. After all, colors and colors. Plain, simple colors which brighten up EVERYTHING. Then what’s the point of categorising them?

This is yet another one of those many stereotypical statements which seem to push women to an even lower strata.
Colors are meant to bring us together, to unite us, and that’s how it should be portrayed.


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