Led astray.

Published July 29, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

A cut on his right cheek
A plaster on his shoulder
A bandage on his hands
He walked with crippled legs.

With a bowl in his hands
With his head held low
A shaking voice full of shame
He put forth his misery.

“I need to eat, I’m hungry and
starved, haven’t had a drop
of water to drink”
He spoke with such shakiness.

With each sharp look
And harsh whispers
He died a little inside,
He died a little all the time.

With his dirty clothes, he was
Alone in this world of cruelty
Not a single helping hand came his way
He was led astray.

He doesn’t believe in Him,
He doesn’t believe in the Supreme Power
For all his troubles never seem to end
He kept walking with his scars.


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