I love you, Ma.

Published August 10, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

When you first heard me crying,
You laughed so softly.
When you saw my tear stained cheeks,
You wiped my face smilingly.

When you first held my in your arms,
You looked at me with awe.
When you touched my wide eyes,
You say you loved what you saw.

When you noticed the blood on my knee,
You panicked so much.
When you laid your finger on it,
You healed it with just a touch.

When I won the first prize,
You were the first one to clap.
When I lost the match,
You were the first one to pat my back.

When I got married,
I heard your soft cries.
When I got homesick,
I missed our arguments, our fights.

No matter how much we disagreed,
Or how the distance keeps us apart,
I want you to always know that,
I’ll always love you, Ma.


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