Published September 7, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

You have to know that you’re perfect
That you underestimate yourself.
You’ve got a smile that can charm anyone and everyone,
That aura which can hypnotise and calm even the sun.

The strong spirit which burns like hot, red flames,
That everything you touch quietly surrenders, becomes tamed.

Your words flow like water, pure and clear and gorgeous,
The passion you have can’t be extinguished, it’s ferocious.

Your eyes give a new meaning to all the colors,
Red, blue, pink, grey, black, white, and many more I can’t remember.

You’re the little droplets that make up the giant ocean,
You’re the definition of each and every emotion.

You are imperfect, yet so flawless in your own way,
As much as you try to deny this, nobody can ever take your place.

You’re broken and hurt, but you’ve got to try,
Like a little bird, you’ll soon learn how to fly.
Your wings are what you need to show,
Because my love, you’re a rainbow.


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