Published September 10, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

There are times when I completely lose control,
Bury all the tensions and step into a different role.
Stop being a boring human for some time,
And become an animal just for a little while.
Hook like an owl in the middle of the night,
Howl like a wolf, stand tall with oozing pride.
Chirp like birds in the big, huge blue sky,
Walk around smartly like a cat and have those mysterious eyes.
Be brave and strong like a lion and roar loudly,
Squeak like a mouse and run away with amazing agility.
Sleep all day like a giant sloth, so carefree,
Hop like monkeys and jump on the tall trees.
Be intimidating and commanding like a grizzly bear,
Swim gracefully like a fish in the calm water to dissolve all my tears.
Be joyful and aggressive like a dog on the loose,
Make people chase me wildly as if I’m a goose.
Just for a little while, live life to it’s fullest, be crazy and rad,
Because sometimes all you need is to be quite silly and mad.


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