My book.

Published September 15, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

My favourite book touches me in all the right places,
Held together by a million coloured pages.
The cover is like a hard shell, which saves me from insanity,
A title which looks like an unsaid prophecy.
The prologue is like an impending storm,
Calm on the surface, edges sharp as a thorn.
Each page speaks of a different emotion, a varying mood,
Sometimes as warm as red, as dark as black, as calm as blue.
Draped in ink, written in various, numerous fonts,
Each line is a story about a charming prince and a tortured demon.
Each page brings out something else, so unexpected, unpredictable,
The epilogue gazes upon me from the eyes of all its syllables.
I can read my favourite book all day long, through and through,
My favourite book is only and only, you.


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