Published September 23, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

After hurting me, you say you’re sorry.
You kiss my open burns,
Touch them till they glow
And then cut them again.

You capture me in your arms
And hug me till I’m out of breath,
Then slowly, softy give me space,
To suffocate me back again.

You set me free,
After a while, you cut my wings.
Later, you sew them up,
To tear them boldly again.

You sing me lullabies,
Only to later scream in my ears,
The pain and hurt I’ve caused,
And then you sweetly sing to me again.

You become cold and call me a curse,
You turn so warm and bless me with your charm,
Till it’s time for you to hate me once more,
Only to whisper, “I love you.” again.


4 comments on “Seesaw.

    • The height scares me, but then I hold the handle to save myself, but it still doesn’t help with the fear. I fear that I’ll fall, but the rod saves me from falling. I trust the other person to not let me slip, but he needs to save himself too.

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