Published October 2, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I was 13 when I first talked to you,
No, I had never met you,
But I still talked to you everyday.
You became my “secret friend”.
I was 14 when you said,
“You’re important to me”
“I won’t give up on you”
And you became my saviour.
I was 15 when we first fought,
I don’t remember why.
We made up and we were happy.
You became my best friend.
I was 16 when you made new friends,
And I really felt out of place.
You hardly ever wrote to me.
You became a thin line.
At 17, you cut me off,
It hurt so much, you don’t know.
Never looked back even once.
Yes, you became a familiar stranger.
It’s been more than a year,
Still no word from you.
I guess I’m over you, I have to be,
And well, we still haven’t met.


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