Published November 7, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

She was sweating,
Panting, scared and shaking,
She walked around like a lifeless plant,
Wishing others were accommodating, but they aren’t.

Her swollen belly felt so light,
As if all the demons were kicking inside.
She no longer cloud walk around on shells,
Giving up, she finally fell.

Red liquid oozed out from between her thighs,
Flowing, dripping, the unborn child bid the world “Goodbye”.
Everyone stopped and looked at her like frozen spectators,
Cunning, ruthless, brutal predators.

Her remaining life got ripped away so cruelly,
Leaving her torn, numb, with a silence so deadly.
She kept laying alone in the crowded street,
Mourning for her child she could never meet.


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