This is death.

Published November 21, 2014 by Shreya Rajvanshi

In three simple words, “Death is crazy.” It frees you of the burden you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, but at the same time it kills those who did not want you go away.
Life is like a balloon and death is the air inside it. One prick and it’s gone. It just flies away, torn into pieces.
Death in itself means “kill”, but well, death kills you. Death kills you and it kills those whom you love, those who love you.

It’s very easy for people to comment,

You should be happy for him. You should be happy that he’s suffering no more. That he’s not in pain any more. That he’s absolutely safe now.

No, I can’t be happy. I cannot be happy for him, because I know that he won’t be happy without the ones he calls his life.

Because death is a barter system. You hand over yourself to someone who apparently owns the world in return of happiness and well being of your family. And believe me when I say that it’s shit. It’s crap. It’s fucking idiotic.
There’s a reason barter system was an epic fail. Right, isn’t so?

To see the one you spent 54 years of life with being taken away from you, it’s basically life without a life. You can’t continue living without him because there won’t be any life.
You won’t have any reason to sleep every night only to wake up in the morning for him. You wouldn’t want to decorate the kitchen in the hopes of pleasing his appetite. You wouldn’t want to dress up, because you won’t have anyone you’d want to see you the way you want to be seen. Because you’ll be empty.
Honestly, death’s shit. Total shit. Bloody inevitable shit. Yes, that’s what death is.
A murderer.

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