Published February 3, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

She watched from behind
The door, the scene unfold,
The lamp fell with a thud
On her mother’s shoulder,
As her father hit her,
Like a booming thunder, blow
After blow,
A cut on the cheek,
And came in another throw.
When the pain became too much,
And the sting began to numb,
She saw her mother lying
Still on the ground, not breathing,
And her father
Standing quietly like a
Statue, barely blinking,
Caught up in the web of
Lies, deceits and betrays,
And that’s when she finally
Came out, trying to talk to
Her mother who was now
Sleeping in silence, forever.

18 comments on “Sting.

  • Simply pressing a “like” button for this piece seems insufficient and perhaps inappropriate, it’s extremely vivid and well written and I hope fictional.

    Warmest regards,
    Steve K

  • Such things are happening around the world.The news of such brutality evokes strong feeling of fear and insecurity among people.And you penned those feelings in this poem your which seems so real and personal.Thank God,it is fictional.Liked your blog and glad to find you.

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