Published February 28, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

The curve was a little
Out of proportion,
And the tail seemed
Quite straight,
The symmetry looked
Uneven and rough,
And her lower lip quivered
In frustration.
She erased her efforts,
And marked on a
New beginning,
For the third time.
But now, finally,
The curve had
Smooth angles,
The tail was perfectly
Pointed at the end,
And the symmetry looked
Absolutely flawless.
A sigh of relief
And chuckle of victory
Of the young, fierce,
Determined three year old
Echoed through out the
Little “a” which she had,
At last, drawn
With perfection.


14 comments on “Dots.

  • Smiling back you, tail perfect, symmetry arranged. The composition was just right. Colours washed beautifully. A captured image, a memory framed. A child eager to explore the world and spread imagination unto a new world. “A”

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