Published March 3, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

He was the one who helped
Me stand on my legs.
Literally speaking, for he was
The one who taught me
How to walk.
He spent days trying to hear
My voice, and when he did,
The first word I spoke
With love,
Was his name.
He taught me how to write
Alphabets, how to frame words,
How to run a sentence,
And then, to flow with
Paragraphs and essays.
He had tears in his eyes,
When he saw my report cards,
Which had marks of his
Efforts, trust,
And hard work.
When I cried over a little fallout,
He was my rock,
He was my sea,
As he let all my tears
Run into him.
And years later,
He held me close and whispered,
“Don’t forget your grandpa, Shreya.”
And I shook my head violently,
He smiled his crooked smile,
And embarked on a new journey.


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