Love in Ten Sentences.

Published March 6, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I was selected by this wonderful fellow here whose blog, Haiku Journey is a beautiful work of art, to be a part of the “Love in Ten Sentences” event. Thank you so much for having nominated me! Please, do read his poem. It is amazing.
So, ten lines, four words each, each line including the word love, and then include a favorite love quote.
Here I go –

Love has four letters,

Love has uncountable meanings.

Mother’s care is love,

Father’s anger is love,

Love is brother’s teasing,

Sister’s smile is love.

Love can be easy,

Love can be sly,

Love is the truth,

Love’s a beautiful lie.

And the quote which I’m going to share is by the brilliant Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelly. It is small, but heart touching.

“Soul meets soul on lover’s lips.”

Now I’m inviting the following talented bloggers for the same. They are full of talent, they are bright, and I do wish they decide to become a part of it as well!

Zeeshan –
Poetry for the divided –
The Unfolding –
Jacob –
Aubrey –

Nicholas –
Yusra –
Richard –
Keya –
Callum –

Also, if you are interested, and I wish you are, here are the guidelines:
Title a post: Love in Ten Sentences
Use ten lines
Four words per line
Include the word love in each line
Add your favorite quote on love
List and contact (challenge?) ten, or so, bloggers to share their thoughts on love
Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate
Have fun sharing the love!



19 comments on “Love in Ten Sentences.

  • Love beckoned
    Love stunned
    Love called me pretty names
    Then the truth revealed
    The grand design
    Love held the dagger
    Love drove it deep
    Love was the murderer
    Of all that made me happy
    Of all that made me sane

    PS: Loved the poem, a more positive rendition than my own and full of beautiful charm
    (I may have some issues with cupid, a nights drinking, some drinking games gone wrong and Cupid won’t return my calls anymore!)

    • Oh my.
      You write so beautifully!
      And “If you’re damned, you may as well be damned in style.” – I loved this.
      As for the your rendition, it’s quite strong, but true nonetheless.
      I haven’t had any cupid moments yet, and the chances seem a little blur in the near future as well, so what I wrote was a figment of my imagination.
      But I know, it’ll change for both of us.

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