Published March 14, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I wish you were here
To see me do so well,
To see me be my own rock,
To watch me break my own shell.
I wish you were here
To keep asking me what was wrong,
And when I would tell you,
You would hug me close.
I wish you were here
To be my map and guide
In the foreign land,
I wish you were here
To warn me of the marbles,
So I wouldn’t slip.
I need you here
To witness how I’m doing
What I could never do
When you were here.
I want you here
To see me loving myself,
The way you’ve always wanted
Me to see myself as.
I wish you were here, Grandpa,
To be my anchor
Through the thick and thin.


14 comments on “Wishes.

  • Reblogged this on Charissa's Grace Notes and commented:
    Ran across this marvelous poetess…wow. I love her work, and am reblogging this one up on Grace Notes. It captures so many of my thoughts and feelings, the tumult and clamour that plays tennis inside me soul with my heart…

    thank you dear poetess…I am honored to read, and more so to reblog

  • I took the liberty of reblogging this stunning poem over on Grace Notes…I hope that is okay, and if it is not, I will take it down. At any rate I absolutely loved it and relate so deeply! ❤

  • In almost exactly one month, it will be a year since my father passed. Your words remind me of how very different life is knowing he is not here. But the memories are still very clear and very strong. Thanks.

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