Published March 19, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

There are times when I wish
I was a wishing star,
So that people would look at me
And close their eyes and be happy
Even if it would be for a
Mere second.
In that second they would
Think about happiness, joy,
Little things to make them happy,
Grand dreams they would want
To come to life.
In that one second, it would
Only be
Them and their smile,
Sometimes even a little giggle,
Or a dark blush,
But, in that one second
They’d forget about what ties them
To what they’d want to
Break free from.
In that one second,
They’d want me to lift them up,
And I so wish that
I’d be able to make them
Live their own dreams.
I wish I was a
True wishing star.


10 comments on “Dreams.

  • Lovely poem. Reminds of the ties between my poems “Down With The Stars 1 & 2” and “21 Shades Of Blue”. Your idea of lifting people from dreams, I especially liked. The idea of being a shooting star, which falls for wishes to be made, but also raises people from dreams, is a paradoxical concept, and something I appreciate, as creative paradoxes interest me.

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