Published April 12, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I don’t know if it’s just me or
If this is quite usual to
Feel this way once in a while,
When you feel like you need to
Go and out and breathe in
Fresh air, or that
You need to give yourself some time,
So that you don’t feel lost,
And used, so that you don’t have
To choose between the “you”
You know you are, and the
“You” you are on the outside.
I want to know if it’s fine for me
To cut others out, and to block
All the sounds that are eagerly
Waiting to take me away from
Myself, and to take me
To a place, I know, but
Don’t belong to,
Is it normal if I just want
To be with myself for some time,
And detox myself from
All the bars I hang on,
All the hands that bind me,
All the voices that seem to deafen me.
Is it okay if I just want
To be me,
For a while,
Is it?


11 comments on “Detox.

  • This poem resonates so much with me. It’s exactly how an introvert (specifically an INFP person) like myself wants to deal with the chaos of life. Sometimes, we just need a breather – a long one.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poems.

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