Published April 14, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Long nights, and jumping in the park,
When the only fear was the dark,
When only broken toys could
Break hearts,
And a short picnic could
Mend hearts.
Fighting over little things, and,
Not knowing what pain was,
When the only truth we knew was
The chubby man in a red suit
And a white moustache,
And the only lie we knew was
That life is easy, so,
If somehow I could,
I really would,
Bring back my childhood,
The only part of my life,
Which was clean, honest,
And perfect.


13 comments on “Childhood.

  • This was also my childhood, and regretfully not the childhoods of my grandchildren who have to be so protected because of so much “bad” out there. Was the bad out there when I was going through my early childhood in the 50’s – 60’s? yes, it was probably all there, too, but there wasn’t so much instant access to it like there is now that makes parents fear for their children’s lives. They are no longer able to roam the neighborhood or the parks, having to be home when the streetlights came on. They aren’t having picnics and making tens by throwing blankets over the washline. They don’t run a play but instead have their social life on line. Schools are no longer a safe place to send your children, letting those ages 5 and 6 year walk there by themselves. Did we have the last of a life that wasn’t filled with fear that there was always someone out to get you?

      • Today people live with so much fear. And it is mostly what the media has pounded into us. People aren’t more dangerous than they were 50 years ago, but we think they are because we hear so much and so enjoy so little. I wouldn’t want to be a a child today, though. Growing up is so much harder

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