Published April 29, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Lying on his bed, he suddenly
Heard the chandelier cry out,
Swinging, wailing hysterically, and
Something told him the end was
Approaching, running swiftly,
He jumped, and moved out, only
To trip down because the ground
Was moving, screaming and shaking,
Taking with it the walls he once
Painted on, the doors he used
To hide behind, the bed which was
His safe place, the trees he used
To climb on became lifeless, and
The chirping of the birds fell on
Numb ears and a numb mind
When with a chill he
Saw he was all alone, and all that
He could see amidst the cracks was
A broken hand, a bruised leg and
A frozen body, beneath the pile
Of rocks he once used to play on,
All his twenty years of nourishment,
Growth and life fell apart in
Twenty seconds that seemed like
A lifetime, like a thousand years,
And just like that the cracks came,
And tore him apart forever.



15 comments on “Crack.

  • The grief with which our hearts swell up are nothing in comparison to what they have faced and what they are still going through. May God bless them with courage and faith. šŸ™‚

  • Very well written. Your poem left a crack on my heart to bleed in pain.. taking me to the scenes I can never imagine or wish to be seen by anyone either.
    I hope the mortal soul rest in peace.

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