Published May 2, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

She is the one I go running to
Whenever I have a broken nail
Or when I’m running out of excuses
And I can’t be in denial any longer
About what’s hurting me, she’s the
One who takes me in when my eyes
Rain and my heart feels cold, and
I cling to her tightly and hold
Her hand, while she makes me laugh,
Makes her famous coffee, and
Read out fairytales to me, and helps
Me get over broken hearts, helps
Me mend the loose heels, and
Embraces me and all my worries,
She scolds me, yes, and times
She taunts me, yes, but she is
Also my boat who helps me sail
The floods that come down crashing
From the caves for my eyes, and
She is the fire that melts the
Coldness away, she is my rock,
She is my wall.
She is my mother.


16 comments on “Boat.

  • Beautifully written, and really enjoyed the lead into the final message of the poem. I tend to struggle with writing such poems about these matters, so I am hoping reading poems that are good like this help inspire me. Thanks for sharing.

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