Published May 7, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I never thought getting
Attached was my thing, but lately,
I’ve been finding myself sitting
At a corner and thinking of
All the people I’ve played with,
Stayed with, talked to,
Went to, casually saw in the park,
Blinking, Smiling, winking,
And wondering how contagious
A little smile could be,
How infectious a little giggle
Could be, and how they connect
You to people you know were
Just with you for a second,
And in that tiny fragment
You knew everything was okay.


24 comments on “Contagious.

  • Absolutely. Exchanging smiles with a person you have never met creates a special if fleeting connection. I always feel better when I smile at a stranger and receive a smile in return. 🙂

  • Maybe the two blogs(one yours and other maniparnas) i am very sure i will have to comment beautiful anything i read here.

  • You write really lovely poems.
    I’m an amateur writer, struggling with words. 😛 I had have tried to write a few poems, would you check them out and offer some constructive feedback? I’ll be grateful. 🙂
    Again, this is such a lovely peom it brought a smile to my face.

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