Published May 12, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I still wear that pink top you bought
For me, fully knowing how pink
Ain’t really my style, But I wear it
For you, just like I braid my hair
Sideways, because you say I look like
A mess that way, and I love how
You comb away the strands delicately,
I still sleep with my stuff toys at times,
Because you get jealous and slowly
Take their place, and I love how
You get annoyed when I say I don’t
Really like my name, and then
You repeatedly chant it, because
You know how much I adore your
Voice, or when you bought me roses,
Not knowing I was allergic to them,
But hey, I still water them everyday,
Because with every passing day,
It blooms, and I remember how
We are blooming as well.


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