Published May 27, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

My life isn’t a movie where
Everything has to turn out like
Rain showers and snowfall,
My life is the scorching heat that
Blots your skin with dark patches
On a sunny afternoon,
It is the flood that almost drowns
You and you have to swim back to
The shore, unharmed,
It is the meteor shower that’ll
Burn you and then mop away
The ashes right where you lay,
My life is like the hailstorm
That’ll hit you till you learn to
Become your own raincoat,
My life is all the seasons,
Heard and unheard of,
It is the kind of weather that
Overshadows the ever present
Breeze in the movies.
My life is not a fantasy,
It’s cold and it’s harsh,
It’s rough and sometimes it’s dark,
But above all,
It’s real.


21 comments on “Reality.

  • I especially like the line about becoming your own raincoat. More generally, I believe that nobody sane can feel up all the time and nobody who feels down all the time can stay sane. The combination of the mostly down poem and your up-looking image suggests that U have found a workable balance. Congrats.

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