Published June 6, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I’ve been asked if I’ve ever been
In love and every time I shake my
Head because I know I haven’t,
I’ve never been in love with any
Boy I might have remotely liked,
Or with a girl I might have gotten
Along with, but I know that my
Heart skips a beat and my cheeks
Flush whenever I read a book,
Because the feelings and emotions
Are so raw, so strong and intense,
Too real to be true, that I find
Myself gasping for breath, and
Desperately wishing I was living
Those stories, I was singing those
Pages filled with realities and truths that were not cushioned or
The promises made were not
Hollow, the emotions attached were
Not shallow, because all of it
Makes me fall in love with mere fictional characters I know won’t ever come to life, and with each time I read
A new book, I fall in love all over
Again, and there’s nothing I can
Do to stop this feeling.


24 comments on “Unreal.

  • ‘I can do nothing to stop this feeling’ – so true. My love for some fictional characters is so intense, I’m still holding my breath for them to come together manifested in a dreamy man. :3
    Loved the poem! I think all avid readers can relate. 🙂

  • You need to write your life down and fall in love with yourself. It’s probably a much better story than you think. I imagine that the characters in the books I read have all had the experience of wondering what others would think of them if they were in stories. “Probably nothing.” They might think to themselves.

  • Nothing wrong with that young lady. You sound a lot like my wife, she just turned 50 and she is still a fantastic person. There is nothing wrong with having a good brain.


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