Published July 15, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Staring at the still cars with
A tinge of envy and a string of hope,
Hoping to receive a nod of recognition,
He moved slowly, and tapped on the
Windows, hopelessly wishing for them
To roll down, and give him his reward,
But instead, there he stood with
His hands shaking,
His feet stumbling,
His stomach growling,
Eyes running dry,
And after a minute of wishing,
He quietly closed his open palm
When he saw the red light
Turning green, making him wait
For another car, another nod,
And something to fill his open palm.


20 comments on “Still.

  • Poignant and poetic in every sense of the word. We see this all too often with a feeling of hopelessness on both sides. Policies can end this–the world has enough resources, if administered fairly. Thanks for your mindfulness and continued writing.

  • I think I know from where you got the idea for this. And goddamn Ya, the way you’ve put it. It’s simply good. So good. I love it. So much.

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