Published August 3, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Between contentment and fulfillment

Was a subtle route

Where I found you.

(You were drawing patterns with your eyes)

Nights were your make up

As you put on

Your dreams, one by one.

(You were creating your own constellations)

At midnight,

Your sore shoulders

Carried the weight of incomplete dreams,

Broken reveries, sewn back

By my poems, sitting between your legs,

So that my lines

Covered your scars.

(You were running out of time)

But, dawn knocked

And off you went, leaving behind

An unmade bed

And dirty pillows,

As I oscillated between,

Waiting for you and moving on,

Trying to remove the

Smell of your cigarette butts

And the stains of your mascara,

That reminded me of your eyes.

(They were calligraphic)


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