Published August 18, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Going with the flow of today’s
Electronic mail and online books,
I can’t help but sometimes long to
Hold handwritten letters in my hands
Written on the smooth and faded
Papers, painted in blank ink,
Smeared together at some points
Painting images of the little pause
The fingers made, and the words
Hummed confusion and anxiety
Of the same hands that also
Strung the garland of words without
Any second thoughts, and with
A flowing passion, marked by slight
Dampness from writing down
(Not typing, you see) so much
Telling me how they cared enough
To take some time out,
To write to me,
And then sealing it delicately
So that it comes flying right to me,
Taking its own sweet time.


33 comments on “Fingers.

  • Very well said 🙂 I made every close friend of mine to write me a partying letter in college ..and they are still one of my most prized possessions 🙂

  • I write long letters to my girl, on good paper, using a fountain pen, in my best handwriting. I don’t think it makes what I say any better, but my girl says it makes whatever I say ‘more real’.

  • Touched me…. sent me reminiscing about the times I wrote letters to my friends and siblings….how I used to treasure them and keep them safe….it’s ironical that in spite of having so many hi tech storage devices, we don’t feel inclined to save email messages and chat transcripts. … So Kudos to handwritten letters!

  • Wow. This piece is truly amazing. Even I still hope to write a letter to someone special and to be written to me by the same. 🙂

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