Published March 30, 2016 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Between the late night video calls
And the half hearted, “Goodnight”,
Coated with a sigh of longing to
Eagerly see the morning sun and a,
“Good morning” text from him,
Lie a billion hidden messages of
Walking by the seaside, and
Creating new footprints in the sand,
Together, and feel the waves touching
Your bare feet with a shiver
You also get when
You open the door and see a
Dozen boxes of your favourite chocolates
And a little note scribbled in that
Messy handwriting of his, which is
Still as clear to you as the day when
He suddenly dropped by one evening
And walked by your side to the same
Shore, making sand castles with you,
And hoping the waves would wash
Them away just so he would get
More time to make you shiver with him.


36 comments on “Shore.

  • And look at it. You’ve written it so wonderfully that it doesn’t look fictitious. I seriously related it with your tour to Goa. xD

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