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Published July 6, 2016 by shreyarvj

​I realised that it’s 

Best when we do not 

“Fall” in love so much as

Let it meet at the door and 

Allow it to blossom with us, and 

Let it dress us in words that

Dance with laughter because I 

Can’t come up with a single 

Adjective to describe the 

Sheer delight of having it

Knock on my door as I 

Stand behind it starry eyed 

Watching all my dreams fall 

Into place, one by one, 

Spinning it into a story I have 

Been dreaming about ever since 

My fingers first reached the doorknob. 

Sometimes, for all our wariness, 

Dreams do come true. 


Published April 4, 2015 by shreyarvj

You dream of me waiting for you
Near my car, holding your favourite
Tulips, wearing your favourite shirt
And kissing your cheek lightly,
Taking you out, walking you to
the door, and kissing you goodnight,
But what if I say I don’t want to
Be standing near the car,
But in your kitchen every morning,
And decorate your room like
A million bouquet of tulips,
As I kiss you slowly, walk you back
Inside your room, and stay in there
Till you realise that I don’t want to
Just fulfill your dreams, but want to
Create many, new ones for you
And make you live them
And love them.


Published March 19, 2015 by shreyarvj

There are times when I wish
I was a wishing star,
So that people would look at me
And close their eyes and be happy
Even if it would be for a
Mere second.
In that second they would
Think about happiness, joy,
Little things to make them happy,
Grand dreams they would want
To come to life.
In that one second, it would
Only be
Them and their smile,
Sometimes even a little giggle,
Or a dark blush,
But, in that one second
They’d forget about what ties them
To what they’d want to
Break free from.
In that one second,
They’d want me to lift them up,
And I so wish that
I’d be able to make them
Live their own dreams.
I wish I was a
True wishing star.


Published February 4, 2015 by shreyarvj

After an endless night of
Blinking and moving and
Tossing and turning,
Of hardly dreaming,
And all the naked images
That he was seeing
Of claws and marks,
Shadowed by the grey and dark
Clouds, he stood up,
And swallowed the little,
Round, bitter pills,
To smoothen the edges,
And mend the broken ridges, and
Then finally drowned in a sweet
Sleep for the rest of the
Remaining night.

P.S. No, this poem by no means is a personal experience. It’s purely a work of imagination and no, I’m not going under any sort of depression.
Thank you!


Published September 18, 2014 by shreyarvj

As soon as she closed her eyes,
Her eyelids became heavy.
Her senses became still
And this is where she belonged.

Everything stopped moving.
She waited for the door to open
Which would lead her down
To the world of smoke and ice.

She stepped into the room
Of frozen time and hidden meanings,
One which gives her the rush
Of this dark game.

The sky burned with grey clouds
And raindrops were painted in red,
She tripped and fell down
In the pool of curse.

Dressed in shadow lines,
She got pushed in the maze
Of unending milestones, but
She wasn’t alone in this tunnel.

This chase, she enjoyed,
It was a puzzle she didn’t want to solve
And she found herself in this cold desert,
She befriended the shapeless souls.

Warm hands clutched her throat,
She let out a silent laugh,
She hissed, moved and smiled.
The pain was intoxicating.

She crawled towards the hole
Of murmurs and whispers,
Inhaling the rusted air,
Her tongue savored the black blood.

Ragged breathing,
She craved for the taste of sweat,
Her body shook with violent jerks
And everything became hazy.

She swam in the circle,
Her mind begging her to wake up,
On a count of 10, she opened her eyes
And the clock came back to life.

She heard no sound, felt nothing.
She loved the dark,
She loved black.
That was her world.