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Published January 27, 2017 by Shreya Rajvanshi

​The blank white page

Brushed against my fingers 

That held the brush, 

Dipped in a colourful ink, and 

All my inspirations came down 



In front of me, in the form of 

The arch of your back, 

The curves of your valley 

Kissed by the setting sun, 

Dimming the contours of your shape, 

Teaching me a whole new language. 

My mind drew the image of 

Your black locks, 

Resting on your face, 

Lighting up from the rays

Pouring through the curtains, and 

You were marvellous, 

We were beautiful. 

The twenty year old ebony table 

Carved with your memories, 


Battered, came into view, 

The wood peeling off, 

Yet so prosperous, 


On the brink of solitude. 

My soul sang songs in this new, unexplored, 

Yet familiar language, and 

My mouth sighed its consonants, and 

My mind narrated the beautiful tale, 

But my hand still didn’t move an inch. 



Published June 19, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

This past week made me realise
The rush that simple things like
A pen and paper could make me feel,
How drawing alphabets on the a sheet
Could make me want to draw an entire
Book and keep it to myself, or how
The little curves could looked like
Little birds finally set free in the
Clear blue sky, how writing is a way
For me to spread my own wings
And take flight, and this past week
Has taught me that maybe, just maybe
Writers are like birds, wanting to fly
Endlessly in their own sky and rest on
Their own clouds and how a
Writer’s block is like a cage, you want
To so badly escape, and once you do,
You know you’ve found yourself.