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Published September 26, 2016 by Shreya Rajvanshi

I won’t apologise

If my voice pierces your ears 

And shoots across the sky, building 

Skyscrapers, and hitching to

The clouds above, and 

I won’t apologise 

If my compelling thoughts,

Sharp as a razor, clutch 

Your heart and claw their way in,

Pumping your blood with 

My dreams, and again, 

I won’t apologise 

If you have to savor 

The flavour of my words 

On your tongue, against your 

Acquiescence on a chilly night 

Because my words 

So silver and so heavy 

Carve stones of my name on 

The ground I repeatedly stabbed

With my ideals 

When I wrapped your unsettling 

Nerves around my neck 

Like a sacred medallion echoing 

The sound of victory, so rare,

So daunting, and so loud 

That my sudden, sly blows

Might make you falter and 

Scoff at my shadow,

Waiting for my edges to smoothen, 

But I’ll let you know that 

I’m still just as unapologetic. 



Published January 28, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

Downstairs, the phone came to life,
And she let out a
Long sigh of joy,
Sprinted down the steps
With grace, her anklets jingling,
Eyes crinkling, noises falling
On deaf ears. She felt
A rush of pink blush
On her puffed, white cheeks,
Due to the racing of a little
Part of her heart.
She finally picked up the receiver,
And breathed a soft, “Hello”
In the ears of her beloved,
Whose voice she longed to hear.