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Published October 19, 2016 by shreyarvj

​In a parallel universe

If people were words and 

The world was a book, 

Each day would be a new page 



Each event would be like

Ink spilled across the pages and 

We would notice

Big, fancy words 

Sipping green tea, surrounded 

By its aroma, sitting 

In an elegant plaza, dressed 

In rich, ironed suits, talking of

Intellect and philosophy in

Their posh language and voicing 

Their bold opinions, scrunching their

Noses at

Tiny, little words running 

In the corner, playing,


Tripping and enjoying themselves,

Living each moment 


Innocently, and 

Interrupting the on going 

Sophisticated discussions –

Their honey filled laughter 

Pushing the posh language aside, and

Finally the big words would 

Crack a silent smile, proud 

Of the sound of the ringing laughter 

Spreading warm hugs in the 

Chilly winter season. 



Published September 26, 2016 by shreyarvj

I won’t apologise

If my voice pierces your ears 

And shoots across the sky, building 

Skyscrapers, and hitching to

The clouds above, and 

I won’t apologise 

If my compelling thoughts,

Sharp as a razor, clutch 

Your heart and claw their way in,

Pumping your blood with 

My dreams, and again, 

I won’t apologise 

If you have to savor 

The flavour of my words 

On your tongue, against your 

Acquiescence on a chilly night 

Because my words 

So silver and so heavy 

Carve stones of my name on 

The ground I repeatedly stabbed

With my ideals 

When I wrapped your unsettling 

Nerves around my neck 

Like a sacred medallion echoing 

The sound of victory, so rare,

So daunting, and so loud 

That my sudden, sly blows

Might make you falter and 

Scoff at my shadow,

Waiting for my edges to smoothen, 

But I’ll let you know that 

I’m still just as unapologetic. 


Published July 27, 2014 by shreyarvj

Not a word he said
Not a move he made
Not a sound escaped his mouth
She was filled with doubt.

Slowly, but gradually she came to see
The light in his eyes
The color of his cheeks
Whenever he heard her name.

She noticed
The shaking of his hands
She felt, his heart race
And she was always left stunned.

She heard
The roar in his throat
Which only showed
How much he wanted her.

And she realized
That she didn’t need to hear
Some words, she didn’t need
To necessarily feel his touch
To know that they were meant
With each other
For now and always.


Published November 19, 2013 by shreyarvj

They ask me
Why do I write
When I can speak?
If I can hear,
Why do I read?

They tell me
‘Actions speak louder than words’
The more you’ll talk
The more you’ll feel
And the less it’ll hurt.

They say
Words are just words
Till you act upon them
They wouldn’t carry any sense
If they are misread.

But I tell them,
When your throat is choked
With heavy emotions
How will you express your pain?
Let them know you love
To dance in the pouring rain?

I say,
What about those who can’t speak?
How will the words
Come out of their mouths
If they can’t read?

Because sometimes
Actions aren’t enough
Words contain depth
In which you’ll drown and
Will long
To come up to the surface…