Published August 10, 2015 by Shreya Rajvanshi

She looked up at the other girls,
And wondered,
“Aren’t they pretty!”
Something she wished she was,
Something she could never be,
Something she hoped to be,
Some people have told her she’s beautiful ;
They lied, though,
Because she knows
This isn’t what boys look for,
She was heavier than others,
Bigger than most,
A little plain faced,
Over sensitive
Strong on the outside,
But really frail,
Insignifiant inside.

31 comments on “Mirror.

  • My father once said,
    Look at all of the mothers and fathers… look at how many plain and even “ugly” looking people have found a special someone and started a family!

    Hopefully “she” learns to embrace all of the things that make her, her!

    She may have seemed oversensitive
    and fragile inside
    like the weight of the world balanced just so…
    a wrong breath could shift the weight
    and crush her
    her sensitivity brought her closer to the world
    she could see things
    in a certain light…
    the way the dust plays in a sunbeam on a perfect, sunny day
    and though the world felt heavy,
    it WAS balanced just-so.
    Each day, she carried that weight and realizing this,
    should could see how strong
    she really was.

  • Nicely done, indeed. It’s terrible to feel so frail, fragile and insignificant inside–people think I appear very strong and independent, which I am most of the time; but one can only carry the act so long, before falling beneath the burden.

  • I am so grateful you liked my long poem Changing Our World on my blog WordMusic.. I am glad the length of it didn’t scare you away. I feel it was a portrait that needed to be painted.

    Brent Kincaid

  • This poem beautifully captures a girl’s thoughts, as they come and go,
    how she longs to be beautiful, beautiful as defined by her society,

    and how it hurts more than it helps to know that the one who care for her and complement her,
    are only lying her to make her feel better,

    but it’s not what she need,
    she doesn’t need their sympathy, fake or not,

    what she needs is to be loved for what she is, beautiful or not,
    for being what she is,

    strong at the face value,
    but with a fragile heart inside,
    waiting to be cared for,
    longing to be loved.

    Will you love her or will you look for another shiny face,
    which society taught you were supposed to be looking for.

    will you make her smile, or will you leave her alone,
    and get busy with your life.


    thanks for a piece of artwork that makes me introspect, and makes me more of a human,
    by caring for other ones, no matter who they are.

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